The reverence of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.

Proverbs 1:7

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In the primary department [Yrs 1 - 8], subject areas are taught from a God-centered, Biblical perspective.  In core subjects, each student is diagnosed at their achievement level, and A.C.E. [Accelerated Christian Education] and other curriculum resources are used to create individually tailored programs.  This approach enables each child to experience academic success and to achieve to their potential. 

In addition, each term follows a thematic unit study based on the Interactive Curriculum.  Each unit study focuses on a different facet of God’s character and, where appropriate, other subject areas radiate from this like spokes from the hub of a wheel.  The details of the programme are developed by the staff and worked through together with the parents at Curriculum Planning meetings. Here the various topics and the appropriate methods of teaching these are finalised.   

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The secondary department utilises the A.C.E. [Accelerated Christian Education] curriculum, supplemented by courses from the New Zealand Correspondence School. [This requires that at least one of the parents undergo formal A.C.E. training at the first available opportunity to enable them to effectively assist their child[ren] with their studies.

As far as is possible, every student will be catered for as an individual.

Staff recognise the God given privilege of parents to be their children’s first teachers and will work in partnership to guide and support them in this.

Provision is made for the children to spend three days each week at the Living Way Christian School and the remainder at home.

Parents of Year 1 – 8 students also have the option of four days at the Living Way Christian School and one day at home, or a complete 5 day schooling at the Living Way Christian School, subject to approval by the Board, as outlined in the Living Way Christian School Policy. 

Secondary Students are expected to spend five days at the Living Way Christian School with a three day/four day option available at the discretion of the Board.

[excerpts from Living Way Christian School Prospectus]