Notices 10 April 2018

Dear Parents, What an amazing surprise I got on Sunday afternoon!  Sharon rang me to report that it appeared as if the school had been broken into.  When I came down to the school a few minutes later, sure enough, the rear door was wide open and mess was strewn across the floor.  With some [...]

Notices 5 April

Dear Parents, End of Term One Term One finishes on Friday, 13 April.  Term Two begins on Monday, 30 April. Our Board is meeting again on Monday, 9 April, to consider how to staff the school next term. Initially, I will still be able to work for Living Way for two days each week, but [...]

Notices 19 March 2018

Dear Parents, Parent Interviews: Please note your booking time for this week’s parent interviews.  Contact Peter if you would like to make an alternative time to meet. Time Mon 19 March   Tue 20 March     Peter   Peter 3:20 – 3:40 Susanne Partridge 3:40 – 4:00 Allira Bowman 4:00 – 4:20 Michelle Cavanagh 4:20 [...]

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At Marsden Cross, the site of the first Christian mission service, held on Christmas Day, 2014.

Waitangi Road Trip

We had a great time away on our Waitangi Road Trip, Mon 26 Feb 2018 to Wed 28 Feb 2018. Our trip took us first to Marsden Cross, where we saw the site of the first Christian missionary service, which occurred on Christmas Day 1814. Samuel Marsden preached the gospel to around 3000 Maori gathered [...]

R4B Cross country Nov 2017 (24)

Run 4 Bibles Cross Country Competition at Otamatea Christian School

We had a great day of competition with our friends at Otamatea Christian School, Maungaturoto, on Thursday 2 November.  Several home schooling families joined in for the competition, too. The course was not as wet as previous years, which made for better running and fewer children getting bogged down in mud! After the racing, the [...]


Pet Day 2017

We held our annual Pet Day on Friday, 28 October. In the two weeks leading up to Pet Day, the children had worked hard making artwork and craft exhibits for competition.  Then, on the day, we had a great turn-out of school families and local home schooling families, with more animals for show than we [...]

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Student Work

Lone Wolf

Andy lay in the snow but felt something lick his face. He opened his eyes a smidge then knew he was face to face with a 70 KG (150 Pound) wolf. It was still licking his face but it wouldn’t take a bite. Before this happened, Andy went outside to cut a notch on his [...]


The Mysterious World of C. Beebleblox #1

The Mysterious World of C. Beebleblox Strange noises, sightings, out of focus photographs!                                                                 Have you ever had an encounter with the Loch Ness Monster? [...]


If I had to choose an animal I think I’d choose a moose You could try to change my mind, although There wouldn’t be any use I’m going to move to Canada As soon as I know how I’m not staying in New Zealand I’m not settling for a cow Moose are just so moose-like [...]

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General News

Soccer Canteen Roster

SOCCER CANTEEN ROSTER 2017 Here is the tuck shop roster for this year’s soccer season. Please note the dates you are rostered on the tuck shop on your calendar: May 13 & 20 Finlayson/Hammon, Macleod/Binning, Free  May 27 & June 10 Gilmore,  Dheda, Balfour  June 17 & June 24 Browne, Partridge, Clapham, Bowman  July 1 [...]

Top Ten Strategies for Evidence Based Learning…

At the NZ ACE Educators Conference I went to at the end of last term, one of the sessions was based on research by NZ educator, Professor John Hattie, who  identified ten important strategies for evidence based learning.  The interesting thing about this was that the A.C.E. method of learning clearly fits with eight of [...]


Having a Ball…. thanks to Yummy Apples

  Check out all the balls we got by collecting Yummy Apples stickers last year.  Thanks, Yummy Apples!

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