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Notices, 15 May 2017

Dear Parents, Working Bee We had a lovely sunny day for our working bee on Saturday, and were able to make some good progress with repairs and maintenance tasks that needed doing: the damage to the playground, picnic table, and sandpit have all been repaired,  some trees have been pruned and new trees planted, the court [...]

Notices, 8 May 2017

Dear Parents, Welcome to the Bowman Family We extend a warm welcome to Allira Bowman, and her son, Ezra [11], who has just enrolled at Living Way today.  We hope you enjoy being part of our school community.   FOS Meeting, Tomorrow, 9 May,  7.30 – 9.00 pm Please can we have a representative from [...]

Meerkat, by Tamsyn, 10

Notices, 1 May

Welcome back for Term Two. I hope you enjoyed the school holiday period. This term, our theme is “God is our Source, He wants us to be Resourceful.”  We will be looking at ways to be resourceful, and how to use and re-use resources wisely.  A unit overview describing our plans for the term will be [...]

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We had a really lovely day at Centennial Park for our athletics competition with Otamatea Christian School and local home schooling families last week.  Thank you to all the parents who came and helped. Here are some photos of some of the action from the day…

Zoo Trip, 6 April, 2017

We had a lovely day out at Auckland Zoo on Thursday.  A few showers of rain didn’t dampen our enjoyment or enthusiasm for the day.  Kirsty, from the zoo, gave the children an excellent lesson about adaptation to habitats, and afterward we enjoyed ambling around the zoo.  It really was delightful to observe the children [...]

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Visit to Goat Island Marine Discovery Centre, and Snorkelling with Blue Light.

We had another wonderful trip to Goat Island last week, visiting the Marine Discovery Centre, and then snorkelling with Shane Gould and the Blue Light team. A rather lively octopus added to the excitement at the Discovery Centre, climbing up the presenter’s arm, and then squirting water at the onlookers, prompting squeals and laughter! After [...]

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Student Work

My First Horseback Ride

One spring morning I went to get Silk, my appaloosa horse, from her paddock. She ate one more mouthful of food then trotted over to me. I fed her a piece of carrot and then I clipped the lead rope onto her head collar and led her to the shed. Once I had brushed her [...]


If I had to choose an animal I think I’d choose a moose You could try to change my mind, although There wouldn’t be any use I’m going to move to Canada As soon as I know how I’m not staying in New Zealand I’m not settling for a cow Moose are just so moose-like [...]


  Dolphins Dolphins leaping out of the sea, Grinning from ear to ear at me, They tell the others that we’re here, Our fish they threw into the air, When we leave them in our boat, They follow us in shimmering coats, How they leap and look so free, More free than I’ll ever be. [...]

My Amazing Cake

I used to bake, An amazing cake And when it was cut, It was delicious, but…   Into it went a quail’s egg, A cup of milk, A metre of silk, A few bits of hair, From a sleeping bear, A length of leather, And another feather.   “Would you like a piece?” I asked [...]

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General News

School camera Feb 2013 101

Welcome to Our New Online Newspaper!

Welcome to our brand new and exciting on-line school newspaper.   On here you will read some wonderful posts, see great images and watch cool videos – all thanks to the wonderful students who will create memories of their time at our school, and to the parents and staff who will help contribute as well.   [...]

Soccer Canteen Roster

SOCCER CANTEEN ROSTER 2017 Here is the tuck shop roster for this year’s soccer season. Please note the dates you are rostered on the tuck shop on your calendar: May 13 & 20 Finlayson/Hammon, Macleod/Binning, Free  May 27 & June 10 Gilmore,  Dheda, Balfour  June 17 & June 24 Browne, Partridge, Clapham, Bowman  July 1 [...]

Top Ten Strategies for Evidence Based Learning…

At the NZ ACE Educators Conference I went to at the end of last term, one of the sessions was based on research by NZ educator, Professor John Hattie, who  identified ten important strategies for evidence based learning.  The interesting thing about this was that the A.C.E. method of learning clearly fits with eight of [...]


Having a Ball…. thanks to Yummy Apples

  Check out all the balls we got by collecting Yummy Apples stickers last year.  Thanks, Yummy Apples!

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