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Structure of the Living Way Christian School

The Living Way Learning Centre TrustFeb 2014 017

* Holds all assets of the Living Way Christian School

* Appoints the Principal.

Board of Governors

* Responsible for policy development, funding and oversight of the Living Way Christian School.

* Appoints staff.


* Responsible for the daily administration of the Living Way Christian School.

* Carries out policies set in conjunction with the Board of Governors.


* Works with Principal to implement policies of the Board of Governors.

* Works with Principal in day to day teaching, organisation and administration

of Living Way Christian School.

Parent – Teacher – Board Relationship

The functioning of Living Way Christian School is based on honest, open, humble relationship with one another.  If difficulties or misunderstandings should occur, the parties involved agree to consult together in good faith seeking to resolve the matter, in accordance with the school’s dispute resolution policy. 

 By love serve one another.

Galatians 5:13