Friends of School [FOS]

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Friends of School [F.O.S.] is our committee for parents and interested supporters working together to support the school in a variety of ways.  All school families are expected to be involved in F.O.S. if not already involved on the school Board or other school committees.

The following is an extract from our Friends of School policy document:



1. To encourage interested people to be personally involved in the life of the Living Way Christian School.

2. To support the vision of the Board of Trustees to develop Christian Education.

3. To take responsibility for fundraising, social events and sundry help as requested by the Board.

4. To give financial support to specific projects, eg. buildings, equipment, books, etc.

5. To encourage prayer support for the school.



1. The F.O.S. committee is directly responsible to the Board of Governors.

2. The F.O.S. committee will be made up of :

• one representative from each family not already actively involved on a Living Way Christian School committee, [eg Board of Trustees, Board of Governors]

• any persons who have the interests of Living Way at heart and are in agreement with Living Way ’s aims and philosophy and with its Statement of Faith (see below). Such persons do not necessarily need to have children attending Living Way .

• a Board member

3. The committee is expected to co-opt others for specific purposes.

4. Office bearers must be approved by the Board of Governors