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The operating and tuition costs of Living Way Christian School are met by parent fees supplemented by a partial operations grant from the Ministry of Education.

A once-only enrolment fee of $200 per family is payable.

Tuition Fees for 2018

1st child                                  $75.00 pw over 52 wks (equates to $3900 p.a.)

2nd child                                 $55.00 pw over 52 wks (equates to $2860 p.a.)

3rd child                                   no fee

4th & subs. children               by negotiation

*        Tuition fees must be paid in advance by automatic bank payment either weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or annually.

*        On enrolment or withdrawal part way through the term, fees will be calculated in proportion to the number of weeks of attendance completed for the year.

*        Fees do not include workbooks and stationery, lawn mowing, trips, transport, or camps. Cost of ACE PACEs is additional to tuition fees. This cost will vary dependent upon each particular child’s situation.  

*        A small per-family fee, currently $50 donation [or $57.50 if billed], covers lawn mowing and cleaning costs for one year.

*        Working bees are arranged throughout the year. Parents are responsible for general maintenance and grounds. Therefore, attendance is expected as part of your commitment, thus helping keep fees at a minimum.

*        Special consideration will be given to families experiencing difficulty in meeting fees. Parents may request in writing to the Board of Governors who will consider any request for help with meeting fee costs.

*        In the event of any breakage/damage to school property other than that caused by general wear and tear, the family[s]concerned is liable for any costs up to the value of the school’s insurance excess.

*        Families do have access to the local school buses where there are available seats, but this is at a per-student cost set by the local schools transport group, of which Living Way Christian School is not a member.

*        Parents who wish to withdraw their children from Living Way Christian School are required to give six weeks’ notice in writing of their intention to do so.

 [extract from school prospectus 2018]