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pet day & wheels day (39)Living Way Christian School exists to assist parents fulfil their God-given responsibility to raise their children to honour Him.

Enrolment at Living Way requires a Christian commitment by the parents and their concern to maintain a Christian home or, at least, a genuine openness to a Christian way of life.

It is also important that there be a sincere desire of the parents for their children to benefit from a Christian atmosphere and from a Biblically based teaching programme.  Therefore, both parents and children need to accept the aims and objectives of the school.

The enrolment interview therefore looks closely at the extent to which home and Living Way Christian School can work together and determines how far procedures and teaching may harmonise or conflict with the values and beliefs of the parents and children.

Enrolment at primary level does not automatically guarantee a child entrance to secondary level.  Prior to advancing to secondary level, staff and parents will meet to determine whether enrolment in Living Way Christian School’s secondary programme will be of mutual benefit to the student and their family, and to the school.

Enrolment Procedure

  1. After initial contact has been made, enrolment forms are then completed and are returned to the school.
  2. Each child will be interviewed by the Principal and briefly tested to determine attainment level and appropriate placement.
  3. An interview is arranged with both parents (where applicable) and members of the Admissions Committee of the Board of Governors.
  4. The Interview committee has the authority to make a decision on any new prospective enrolments after the interview has taken place.
  5. A review period of three months by both parents and Living Way is required.  The purpose of the review period is to enable further discussion with parents if it becomes apparent that continued enrolment at Living Way may be detrimental to the child, or to others.  This review period may be extended for a second 3 months if it is deemed necessary.
  6. For secondary students, at least one parent must undertake A.C.E. training at the first available opportunity if they wish to school their children at home on Home Days.
  7. All families are expected to be represented on at least one of the committees  that take care of different aspects of school life. ie. Friends of the School [fundraising events, catering, maintenance, etc.], or Board.  However, any position of formal leadership within the Friends of the School committee, or membership of either the Board of Governors or Board of Trustees, will be limited to those who are professing Christians and who are in agreement with the school’s Statement of Faith [Board of Governors and Board of Trustee members are co-opted by the existing Boards].

[excerpt from Living Way Christian School Prospectus]