Lone Wolf

Andy lay in the snow but felt something lick his face. He opened his eyes a smidge then knew he was face to face with a 70 KG (150 Pound) wolf. It was still licking his face but it wouldn’t take a bite. Before this happened, Andy went outside to cut a notch on his [...]

The Mysterious World of C. Beebleblox #1


The Mysterious World of C. Beebleblox Strange noises, sightings, out of focus photographs!                                                                 Have you ever had an encounter with the Loch Ness Monster? [...]


If I had to choose an animal I think I’d choose a moose You could try to change my mind, although There wouldn’t be any use I’m going to move to Canada As soon as I know how I’m not staying in New Zealand I’m not settling for a cow Moose are just so moose-like [...]

Three Things, Five Things

  Three Things, Five Things   There are three things that I love and there are five things that I enjoy. These are the three things that I love. I love donkeys because they are cuddly. I love horses because they give me rides. I enjoy cows because they’re black. I enjoy piglets because they [...]


                                 As a few of you know, I went to Horse Camp this January. When I signed up, I was super excited, but at one point, our leader took us aside to lay down some rules. Most of them were pretty [...]