Notices 19 March 2018

Dear Parents, Parent Interviews: Please note your booking time for this week’s parent interviews.  Contact Peter if you would like to make an alternative time to meet. Time Mon 19 March   Tue 20 March     Peter   Peter 3:20 – 3:40 Susanne Partridge 3:40 – 4:00 Allira Bowman 4:00 – 4:20 Michelle Cavanagh 4:20 [...]

Notices 12 March 2018

Miriam, Rico, and Aaron, with some of the produce from our school garden...

Athletics: 26/27 March I am trying to book athletics grounds for Mon 26/Tue 27 March so that we can have our competition with Otamatea Christian School. I am still waiting on confirmation of the park availability, but please note these dates in your calendar, meantime. Swimming on Tuesdays We are currently practising athletics on Monday [...]

Notices 5 March 2018

At Marsden Cross, the site of the first Christian mission service, held on Christmas Day, 2014.

Dear Parents, We had a great time away on our Waitangi Road Trip last week. Our trip took us first to Marsden Cross, where we saw the site of the first Christian missionary service, which occurred on Christmas Day 1814. Samuel Marsden preached the gospel to around 3000 Maori gathered around on a grassy slope [...]

Notices, 12 Feb 2018

FOS Meeting – Minutes Thank you to all who attended our meeting last week.  Minutes of our meeting are attached.  Please check to see what activities you need to be involved in. FOS Meeting 5 Feb 2018   Phone List An updated school phone list is being sent home today.  Please check that we have [...]

Notices 5 February 2018

Dear Parents, Working Bee – thanks! Thank you to all who were able to attend our working bee on Saturday, and to Allistair and Sharon for organising everything.  We got a lot done and I am very grateful for everyone’s contribution. If you were not able to come on the day, please contact Sharon as [...]

Notices, 24 January 2018


  Dear Parents, Hello, everyone!  I trust you have been enjoying the school holiday period. I thought it might be helpful to send out this notice by email to keep you informed, prior to school beginning again this year. 1.            Volunteer helpers: Firstly, thank you to the many parents and grandparents who have volunteered to [...]

Notices, 11 December 2017


Dear Parents, Here we are at the last week of the school year. It has been a busy term, starting with a very successful Pet Day and the school’s 25th Anniversary Dance, and finishing off with some great events, including the cricket day, the Adventure Forest high ropes course, and [last week] an afternoon of [...]

Notices, 27 November, 2017

Dear Parents, Our year is rapidly drawing to a close, and I trust you are planning to come to our end of year BBQ and awards evening at the end of term [see notice below for details]. Farewell to Rita Bosch, and to Frikkie and Elanie Bosch and family. Rita finished up as our Junior [...]

Notices, 13 November 2017

Dear Parents, Welcome to the King family Today we extend a warm welcome to Trevor and Nicola King who are enrolling their daughter, Emily, as a new entrant in our Junior Class.  Although, at present, there are some uncertainties about the outlook for Living Way next year [see separate notice below], we appreciate that Trevor [...]

Notices, 24 October 2017

Pet Day, Friday 27 October 2017 Preparations for this year’s Pet Day & Open Day are well under way.  We still want to hear from families who will be bringing pets, if you haven’t already advised us.  Home Schooling families are welcome to join with us for the day, too. Pet Day is always a [...]