Notices, 25 June

Dear Parents, Hello, everyone. Here are some things you need to know about for the last few weeks of the term… Peter Important Public Meeting: The Case for Christian Education, 7pm. Friday 6 July, Church [...]

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Notices, 17 May 2018

Dear Parents, I am sending out notices today as I will be away from school for the next four weeks. The Education Council has approved a Limited Authority to Teach for Sharon, which authorises her [...]

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Notices, 7 May 2018

Dear Parents, Welcome back to Fiona Howard: We are pleased to have Fiona back with us for a few weeks while she is in transition from KingsWay School to home schooling.   Hockey practices, mouthguards, [...]

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Notices, 30 April 2018

Dear Parents, Welcome back for Term Two. This term, while we continue to seek a replacement principal, Sharon will be overseeing the class from Mondays to Thursdays, with assistance from parent volunteers.  I will also [...]

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Notices 10 April 2018

Dear Parents, What an amazing surprise I got on Sunday afternoon!  Sharon rang me to report that it appeared as if the school had been broken into.  When I came down to the school a [...]

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Notices 5 April

Dear Parents, End of Term One Term One finishes on Friday, 13 April.  Term Two begins on Monday, 30 April. Our Board is meeting again on Monday, 9 April, to consider how to staff the [...]

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Notices 19 March 2018

Dear Parents, Parent Interviews: Please note your booking time for this week’s parent interviews.  Contact Peter if you would like to make an alternative time to meet. Time Mon 19 March   Tue 20 March [...]

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Notices 12 March 2018

Athletics: 26/27 March I am trying to book athletics grounds for Mon 26/Tue 27 March so that we can have our competition with Otamatea Christian School. I am still waiting on confirmation of the park [...]

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Notices 5 March 2018

Dear Parents, We had a great time away on our Waitangi Road Trip last week. Our trip took us first to Marsden Cross, where we saw the site of the first Christian missionary service, which [...]

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Notices, 12 Feb 2018

FOS Meeting - Minutes Thank you to all who attended our meeting last week.  Minutes of our meeting are attached.  Please check to see what activities you need to be involved in. FOS Meeting 5 [...]

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