Cross Country, 25 Oct 2018

Our primary students had a happy day out at the cross country competition at Pakiri last week.  Cross Country is always a gruelling competition, but everyone made a good effort. Congratulations to our home schooling [...]

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Unity Projects, August 2018

It has been delightful to see the children presenting their project work from this term’s Home Days.  It is a pity parents often cannot be there to share that moment when the children proudly display [...]

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Waitangi Road Trip

We had a great time away on our Waitangi Road Trip, Mon 26 Feb 2018 to Wed 28 Feb 2018. Our trip took us first to Marsden Cross, where we saw the site of the [...]

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Touch Rugby and Netball Results

Our year 4 to 8 students had a happy and successful day at this year’s tournament at Centennial Park on 14 September.  Both teams won several of their games, and everyone participated well.  Thanks to [...]

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Tapa Art

Carla Wintle has been teaching our Year 4 to 8 students about Tonga this term.  Check out these photos of the lovely Tongan artwork tapa display the children have made.

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Something from Nothing

We had a good turnout of families and friends at our "Something from Nothing" end of term celebration on 29 June.  The  children displayed the wearable arts creations their teams had made during the previous [...]

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