About Rose Batten


  Dolphins Dolphins leaping out of the sea, Grinning from ear to ear at me, They tell the others that we’re here, Our fish they threw into the air, When we leave them in our boat, They follow us in shimmering coats, How they leap and look so free, More free than I’ll ever be. [...]

My First Horseback Ride

One spring morning I went to get Silk, my appaloosa horse, from her paddock. She ate one more mouthful of food then trotted over to me. I fed her a piece of carrot and then I clipped the lead rope onto her head collar and led her to the shed. Once I had brushed her [...]

To God be the Glory [Moses, Pharaoh, and the Exodus from Egypt]

The Lord helped Moses in many different ways – one way I’ll never forget- when he helped Moses bring God’s people out of Egypt. They leave Egypt and God sends pillars of fire and smoke for them to follow. They wander through the wilderness for 40 years while God sends manna bread from heaven for [...]


   Have you ever worn braces on your teeth? My sister has.  She will  nearly always ask, “Where’s my tablets?” or “Ow, ow, my teeth!”  When she comes back from the dentist she will always have a smile and a new colour of  rubber bands on her teeth. I remember when she would say, “Not [...]