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I have been the Principal at Living Way since 1999, when my wife and I and our family moved here from Auckland.
We have loved being part of the Wellsford community, our local church community, and of course, the school community at Living Way.
I believe strongly in the value of Christian Education to help parents raise children that are strong and healthy, who love God and who will make a positive difference in the world around them.


This page is updated regularly, with details of upcoming events and other current notices.... [last updated 15/10/18] Term 4 Plans: Some of the events we have planned for this term include: Pet Day (this week) [...]

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Unity Projects, August 2018

It has been delightful to see the children presenting their project work from this term’s Home Days.  It is a pity parents often cannot be there to share that moment when the children proudly display [...]

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Notices 23 August 2018

Dear Parents, Here are some details of more events coming up on our school calendar.  Remember that details for these events can also be found on the Noticeboard page (in the School Newspaper section) of [...]

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Notices 30 July 2018

Dear Parents, Welcome back for Term 3. This term, our theme is “God is One God, He wants us to live in Unity.”  We will be learning about the importance of unity; in our homes, [...]

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Notices, 5 July 2018

Dear Parents, Saturday Night Movies at the Station – we need your help to promote this We are part way through our fundraising project, showing movies at the Station on Saturday nights.  Attendance is growing [...]

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Notices, 25 June

Dear Parents, Hello, everyone. Here are some things you need to know about for the last few weeks of the term… Peter Important Public Meeting: The Case for Christian Education, 7pm. Friday 6 July, Church [...]

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Notices, 17 May 2018

Dear Parents, I am sending out notices today as I will be away from school for the next four weeks. The Education Council has approved a Limited Authority to Teach for Sharon, which authorises her [...]

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Notices, 7 May 2018

Dear Parents, Welcome back to Fiona Howard: We are pleased to have Fiona back with us for a few weeks while she is in transition from KingsWay School to home schooling.   Hockey practices, mouthguards, [...]

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