The Quest for the Golden Sword

It was 1955.  Indiana Jones was in the Mexican Jungle. He was on the trail that lead to the Golden Sword.  He had just thought some monkeys  were throwing coconuts at him.  Now he was just entering the Temple of Gold when he came face to face with two guards.  They were the guards of the temple.  Then he looked at the ground and saw some rocks. So he picked one up and threw it at one of the guards.  Clonk! It hit the guard’s helmet and knocked him out.  He picked another rock up and threw it at the other guard.  Clonk! Again, it hit the guard’s helmet and knocked him out, too.  He entered the temple where the Golden Sword was stuck into a big rock.  He pulled and pulled and finally it came out.  ”That’s another mission done!”  he said.

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