The Abandoned Sheraton


The Abandoned Sheraton

This is a story about the Abandoned Sheraton in Rarotonga.

The Sheraton has 26 big buildings.  The Sheraton started being built in 1987 and the Cook Islands signed an agreement with the Italian Bank, the Cook Islands invested $36 million. When 80% of the Sheraton was built the money had suddenly disappeared. They later found out the Italian Mafia had taken some of the money.

The land is said to have been cursed in 1911 by a woman over a argument of who owns the land.  When the Prime Minister got a plaque for the start of the Sheraton the grandson of the woman showed up and stabbed the plaque        with a spear and the plaque split in half. The Cook Islanders believed this was a sign that the land was still cursed.

About three years after they stopped building it the Italian Mafia Boss went and inspected the Sheraton by            himself and was never seen again. That really made the Cook Islanders annoyed that the body wasn’t found.

The Sheraton is now sitting there and slowly rotting.


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  1. E'ofolo 14 November 2018 at 8:57 pm - Reply

    I’ve been reading all the stories and this is my favourite as I used to live in the Cook Islands! Very well done and hope to see more!

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