Notices 10 April 2018

Dear Parents,

IMG_1042What an amazing surprise I got on Sunday afternoon!  Sharon rang me to report that it appeared as if the school had been broken into.  When I came down to the school a few minutes later, sure enough, the rear door was wide open and mess was strewn across the floor.  With some degree of caution, I began to venture inside to check for damage.  I opened the door to the senior classroom…

In the pitch dark in there I somehow became aware that there was already someone in the building!  Had there been a moment longer, my next reaction would have been fear, if it were not for a sudden shout of “Surprise!” and a lot of guffawing.  There, grinning at me, were many of our students and parents, all come together to bid me farewell in my last week as principal at Living Way.  And then, as I was still reeling from the shock of this, out of various doorways came a stream of former students, parents, and other friends of the school from over the school’s entire 25 year history.

I was truly gobsmacked by all this and it was just wonderful to see so many faces from Living Way’s past and present, all together at one time.  We held a school assembly, belting out many of the funny songs the students have loved over the years, plus a few serious ones as well, and then, in true Living Way tradition, it was my turn to sit in “the chair” while various folks recounted stories and anecdotes from my time here.  We rounded off a wonderful time with a prayer and then afternoon tea together.

I felt very blessed not only by the many kind words, but simply by the coming together of so many students and parents that have been a part of our school community.  It was a heart-warming moment that I will treasure for years to come.  What a privilege it has been to share in the lives of so many lovely young people, and to have journeyed with the families and board members that have given so much support to our school over the years.  So thank you, everyone, for being such a blessing to me and my family in this way.

I feel great hope for the future of Living Way.  Seeing the ones who have passed through over the years brings home to me how significant the school has been in so many people’s lives, and of the seeds of God’s Word that have been sown, which I pray will bear much fruit for years to come.

I will not be completely gone from Living Way initially [see below], and I plan to continue to support the school in whatever ways I can for some time yet.  Thank you, everyone, for your love and support for us.

Peter and Tania Thomas.

Staffing for the remainder of 2018.

A letter is being sent home with the children today outlining the Board’s plans for staffing our school for the remainder of this year while we continue to seek to appoint a new principal.  Changes include Sharon running the class from Monday to Thursday with parent help, all students being home-schooled on Fridays, and Peter providing principal support on a part time basis two days per week until such time as a replacement principal is appointed.  See the letter for further details.

Shared Lunch Tomorrow [Wednesday]

Sorry for the short notice, but we thought it would be nice to have a shared lunch on our last day all together, as many of children are home schooled on Thursdays and Fridays.  Please send along some finger food if possible.

FOS Meeting, Tuesday, 1 May, 7.30 pm – 9.00pm

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Mr T

I have been the Principal at Living Way since 1999, when my wife and I and our family moved here from Auckland.
We have loved being part of the Wellsford community, our local church community, and of course, the school community at Living Way.
I believe strongly in the value of Christian Education to help parents raise children that are strong and healthy, who love God and who will make a positive difference in the world around them.

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