Notices 5 April

Dear Parents,

End of Term One

Term One finishes on Friday, 13 April.  Term Two begins on Monday, 30 April.

Our Board is meeting again on Monday, 9 April, to consider how to staff the school next term. Initially, I will still be able to work for Living Way for two days each week, but we need to have enough staffing for the other days.  I will give you more details about this after the Board meeting.

We have very much appreciated all the volunteer helpers we have had at school this term and we hope you can continue to support the school in this way next term.  Not only do we benefit from having the extra help in the classroom, but I think it is good for the students to have the interaction with our parent helpers, and I trust that our parent helpers are finding it rewarding being so involved in the day to day activities of the classroom.  It was this close involvement of parents that was at the heart of our school in its early years, and I am so grateful to have this support now, as we grapple with our current challenges




FOS Meeting:- deferred until Tuesday, 1 May, 7.30 -9.00 pm

Our next FOS meeting was scheduled for Monday, 9 April, but we have decided to postpone it until the first week of next term because I inadvertently double booked this date with our Board meeting.  Please accept my apologies for this mistake and please note this change of date on your calendar.

Minutes of the last meeting [5/2/18] are attached.  Please check to see if you have any tasks still to complete since our last meeting.

FOS Meeting 5 Feb 2018


End of Term Night: Creativity Showcase – cancelled

We had planned to end our term with an event in which the children could show/perform creative items that they had been working on at home on Home Days.  However, it seems only two families have been doing this and so we have decided to cancel the event.

For those families who have been working on creative projects I would still like to give recognition to your children for their hard work, so if you can bring in what they have made we can show the class, and can also put photographs in our newsletter and on our website.


School holidays – keep paying your fees, please!

Our Board is concerned that we sometimes have families get behind in paying their fees during school holidays.  For those of you who are not paying by automatic payment, please remember to keep paying your fees through the holiday period so that you don’t get behind.  We really need you to keep up to date with your payments, please.



Wellsford Squash Club

Interested in Playing Squash?

Primary Juniors – Mondays from 4pm

Contact Juanita Oldfield phone 423 8811 or  email:

College Juniors – Tuesdays or Fridays from 4pm

Contact Gary Marshall phone 423 8329 or email:

Mens Night – Wednesdays from 4pm

Contact Stu Oldfield phone 423 8811 or email:

Ladies Night – Tuesdays or Thursdays from 4pm

Contact Edwina Came phone 423 9266 or email:

General enquiries please contact our Club Captain:  Kurtis Danks, Phone 0211598453 or email:


Up Up and Away…. April 2018 School Holidays at Wellsford Library

Throughout holidays        Up Up and Away CREATE competition

Build, draw, design, photograph, or colour anything that flies!

Bring your entry to the Wellsford Library or send a photo to, including your name, age, and contact details on or before the 3rd of May.

Look for UP UP and AWAY entries exhibited in the library throughout the holidays.

Need some inspiration or have great ideas to share?  Come along to the Up Up and Away CREATE competition share-shops.  You can use library felt pens, paint, card, glitter, tape, glue, recycled goodies, and more – or bring your own materials to share.

Monday 16 April 2.00-4.00 pm

Tuesday 24 April 2.00-4.00 pm

Throughout holidays        Up Up and Away Scavenger Hunt

Come and complete our anytime scavenger hunt, unscramble the mystery word for an added challenge.

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