Lone Wolf

Andy lay in the snow but felt something lick his face. He opened his eyes a smidge then knew he was face to face with a 70 KG (150 Pound) wolf. It was still licking his face but it wouldn’t take a bite.

Before this happened, Andy went outside to cut a notch on his sapling but he was so weak and cold that when he went to his sapling, he passed out. The wolf kept licking him then nudged him but it still wouldn’t slay Andy. It was a lone wolf and God sent it to feed Andy or he would have been dead from starvation.

The wolf licked his face again, probably to make sure he wasn’t dead. The wolf ran into the woods and when he came back he had a dead animal in his mouth. He had killed a snowshoe hare and a wild ptarmigan. Then he nudged the snowshoe hare in front of Andy, then ate the ptarmigan feathers and all.

After they ate, the wolf lay at Andy’s feet to keep him warm. Andy named the wolf Lone Wolf because it wasn’t part of a pack. Lone Wolf killed wild animals and gave it to Andy to split for an equal meal for at least three weeks

Eating animal guts? Yuck! that’s a down-side. But that’s better that eating a pickled beet popsicle, or drinking toothpaste, or bark tea.


By Tamsyn Gilmore

[based on the book North to Amarokvik, by C M Ufkin]


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