Notices, 12 Feb 2018

FOS Meeting – Minutes

Thank you to all who attended our meeting last week.  Minutes of our meeting are attached.  Please check to see what activities you need to be involved in.

FOS Meeting 5 Feb 2018


Phone List

An updated school phone list is being sent home today.  Please check that we have your details correct.


Congratulations to Morgan McKinstry and Nikolai Balemi

Morgan and Nikolai were married on Saturday, 10 February, at Minniesdale Chapel, Port Albert.  Morgan and Nikolai are both former students of Living Way from years gone by [Morgan from the age of 4 to 17, and Nikolai from the age of 12 to 17].  We pray that God will richly bless their life together over the coming years, and make them a blessing to others as well.


Creativity Showcase: A Home Days project:

This term, our theme is “Creativity.”  This term we would like to give families/children, the opportunity to explore an area of creativity that interests them.

For Home Days this term, we encourage you and your children to allocate some time for working on a creative project of your choice:

  • It could be to learn a new skill or it could be to follow an existing interest.
  • The subject or focus of your creation should be consistent with Christian truth and values.
  • Possible areas could include [but are not limited to]:
    • create an artwork or craft item, using any medium of your choice
    • create a machine or technological item
    • write and/or perform a skit, poem, story, or dance.
    • play an instrument and perform a piece of music you have learned or composed
    • rehearse and perform a song,
    • create a presentation in power point or similar programme using computer software.

At the end of term, Friday, 13 April, we will hold a Creativity Showcase event and we would like children/families to contribute items for display or performing on the night.

Depending on the amount of time required to complete your creative project, parents have discretion to waive ACE goals in as many subjects as are necessary to enable completion to a presentable standard.  In such cases, parents will need to write in their child’s notebook an account of how your child spent their time on Home Days, and what subjects were deferred as a result.

Also, at our FOS meeting last week, we discussed the possibility of parents organising various craft activities in conjunction with local home schooling families, where a parent with a particular skill/interest would teach others a particular craft.  Any Living Way or homeschooling family would be able to participate.  Details of any such craft events will be advised via our notices as they become available.


Inter School Swimming Sports – optional event for children aged 8 – 12

Friday, 23 February, 9:30 – 2:00PM Rodney College Pool

This event is optional and is only for children aged 8 to 12. Those not participating will complete a regular Home Day programme.


  • Togs & Towels
  • Sunhats and sunscreen
  • Something warm to wear after swimming
  • Lunch and drinks [A tuck shop is also available with the following items for sale:
  • Sausages – $2.00
  • Cookies – $1.50
  • Chips – $1.00
  • Lollies – $1.00
  • Soft Drinks – $2.00
  • Water – $1.50
  • Juicies Ice Blocks – $1.50]

­Parents will need to take on the responsibility for organising and overseeing their children at this event.  If parents would like their children to participate, please contact me for programme details.


Waitangi Trip, 26 Feb -28 Feb

I am still trying to finalise plans for this trip and am waiting to hear back from people. The only thing that is definitely booked at this stage is a guided visit to the Waitangi Treaty Grounds on Tuesday, 27 Feb.  I will send out a notice with full details once I can confirm accommodation and transport arrangements later this week.  Meantime, if parents can let me know if their children are able to come [and which parents are planning on coming] it will help me work out costings.


Thank you,





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