Notices, 24 January 2018


Dear Parents,

Hello, everyone!  I trust you have been enjoying the school holiday period.

I thought it might be helpful to send out this notice by email to keep you informed, prior to school beginning again this year.

1.            Volunteer helpers:

Firstly, thank you to the many parents and grandparents who have volunteered to help out in various ways [classroom help, cleaning, property maintenance, the school garden project, finances and fundraising, advertising].  I really appreciate the way you have expressed your willingness to support the school in various ways.

We would still be glad of someone to help out in the classroom on Monday mornings and Wednesday mornings.  [Don’t be put off by thinking you would not know how to help in a classroom.  If you have ever been a parent of a child, then you already have a lot of valuable experience!]  Contact Peter or Sharon if you are available to help on a regular basis on either of these days.


2.            School starts again on Wednesday, 31 Jan.  Children: bring your togs and reply slip!

This year, we have just the one classroom in operation, from Years 1 to 13.  On the first day, I would like to take the class for swimming at Shepherd’s pool.  Please make sure your child brings their togs and the permission slip [see below] on the first day of school.


3.            Swimming at Shepherd’s Pool

Wednesday 31 Jan, and then Mondays, from 14 Feb to 26 Feb, 1.00 – 3pm.

I am planning that we will take the children for weekly swimming sessions at Shepherd’s pool starting on the first day of school, Wednesday, 31 January, and then every Monday afternoon, from Monday, 5 Feb, until 26 Feb, to build water confidence, water safety skills, and  develop swimming technique.

Please complete and return the permission slip [reply by email or send this in on the first day of school], and also indicate if you can help with transport and supervision.


Permission Slip: Swimming – Shepherd’s Pool,

Wednesday 31 Jan, and then Mondays, from 14 Feb to 26 Feb, 1.00 – 3pm.


  • I/we give permission for my/our child[ren] …………………………………………………………………

to attend the swimming

  • I can provide seatbelted transport for ………………… children [including my own] and can help supervise.


Signed ……………………………………………….[Parent]


4.            Sunhats

Please remind your child to keep a sunhat at school this term.


5.            School roll and staffing needs:

We are still facing a challenge this term with a small roll, and the need to recruit a teacher to replace me in Term 2.  Please pray for our school, for God to provide what we need.


6.            Accounts for November and December:

Accounts for November were sent out by email in November, but we have had some problems with our MYOB software and we discovered that the November accounts email did not send [or at least some of you did not receive your November accounts].  Sorry about that!

Accounts for December were adapted to include November’s accounts and these were sent out by regular post earlier this month, so you should have received them by now.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.  Hopefully, we will have our accounts system operating more smoothly now, but feel free to contact us if you need clarification about your account.


7.            New Fees Structure for 2018

Please remember that fees for 2018 have increased from 1 January 2018, as follows:

  • Fees for 1 child = $75pw [$325.00 monthly]
  • Fees 2 [or 3] children = $130pw [$563.33 monthly]

If you have not already done so, please arrange to increase your automatic payments to cover the increased amount. We suggest you add an extra $10pw per child towards PACEs and other stationery costs.


8.            Back to School Working Bee: Saturday, 3 February, 9:00 am to 12.00 pm

We need to give the school a tidy up and complete various maintenance tasks for our working bee on the first Saturday of this term.   A list of jobs is attached at the end of this newsletter, so you can come prepared with tools that you might need for your preferred jobs.  Contact Sharon Shepherd [423 7522] if you need more info.


9.            Parent Orientation Meeting, Monday 5 February, 7.30-9.00 pm:

Our Board would like to have a parents meeting at the beginning of the year to outline plans for the coming year.  This meeting will also serve as our first FOS meeting for the year.  Please can we have a parent from each family attend.


10.           Lost Property from Catering and End of Year Events:

We have had some items accumulating at school after various events last year.  Please check the photographs below to see if any of these items are yours, and contact me if you recognise any, so that we can return them to you.


Thanks again for your continued support this year.  May the Lord bless you as we work together to make Living Way a great place for your child to learn.  May your child grow, like Jesus did, “in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man.”  [Luke 2:52]



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Working Bee Jobs:    Sat, 3/2/18, 9.00am – 12.00pm       

Please bring whatever tools or cleaning materials you have that might assist with these jobs…


Special Projects/ “one-off tasks:

  • Playground
    • Paint over the graffiti on adventure playground roof
    • Basketball poles need re-welding for strength/safety
    • “monkey bars” – install in adventure playground
    • Sandpit door needs repair
    • Picnic tables[front]  – need re-staining
    • Court gate needs hinge needs to be welded back on
  • laundramat –
    • waterblasting [prior to Saturday]
    • repaint the outside [paint to be supplied by Bunnings]


Regular/Ongoing Working Bee tasks

  • Court – sweep, if necessary
  • cloakroom – clean walls, sports racks, & floor
  • Toilets – clean walls
  • dusting/cobwebs from ceilings and surfaces in all rooms
  • desk & score table surfaces – clean as needed: all classrooms & offices
  • gardens: weeding
  • heat pump filters – clean
  • kitchen – clean
  • Library – books need shelving/ tidy shelves
  • photos – sort and put in albums/file
  • playground safety check:
    • routine safety check/tighten bolts on adventure playground & swings
    • basketball hoops – check for safety/rust
  • spouting – clean out blockages
  • Washing down buildings:
    • front (outside) walls & eaves – wash down
    • front windows and aluminium window frames -clean
    • Windows – clean inside
  • rubbish – remove to dump, if necessary



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