Notices, 13 November 2017

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the King family

Today we extend a warm welcome to Trevor and Nicola King who are enrolling their daughter, Emily, as a new entrant in our Junior Class.  Although, at present, there are some uncertainties about the outlook for Living Way next year [see separate notice below], we appreciate that Trevor and Nicola have decided to proceed with enrolling Emily at this time.

We are glad to have you, Trevor and Nicola, as part of our community of school families and we pray that God will bless you and your family through your involvement here at Living Way.



Trip to Wellsford Museum [tomorrow] and Historic Sites in Port Albert [next week]

This term, our year 4-8 students are learning about Pioneer life and the Albertlanders.  To help develop our understanding of pioneers we are planning to visit the Wellsford Museum and Historic sites in Port Albert.  Details are as follows:

Wellsford Museum visit

When:  14th November 2017 [tomorrow]

Time:    1:30pm – 3pm

How:     We will be walking to the museum from school.

Cost:     $1 donation to the museum [this will be charged to your stationery account]

What to bring:  Drink bottle, warm clothing, sun hat,  pencil

Historic sites in Port Albert.

When:   21st November 2017

Time:     1:30pm – 3pm

How:      Transport provided in the school van

Cost:      $1 [this will be charged to your stationery account]

What to bring:  Drink bottle, warm clothing, sun hat, pencil

We are looking for a volunteer/parents to help support supervision for each of these trips. If you are available, please contact the school with your interest.

Thank you,

Carla Wintle


CatchIT programme – please return any unwanted traps by Wednesday, 15 Nov

Liz Maire, from the Forest Bridge Trust, will be doing a follow-up visit with our students this Wednesday to see how they are getting on with pest control in their localities.  Although families are welcome to continue to keep any of the traps that the children bought home, Liz has asked that you return any if you are not using them, so that they can be put to use elsewhere.


Abacus Calendars – orders by Thursday

Please remember to return your order by Thursday, 16 Nov, if you would like to order any of the Abacus Calendar products [details were sent home last week] so that we can get our order in and have everything back by mid-December.


Run 4 Bibles – please return sponsor books by Thursday

Please can we have your children’s sponsor books returned this week so that we can send the donation funds away to Bible League.


Open Day, next Tuesday, 21 November

We are currently preparing for an Open Day at school next week, to which we hope to attract parents of pre-schoolers and any other families who might be contemplating schooling options for next year.  If you know of any families that might be interested in knowing more about Living Way, please invite them to our Open Day, and/or let me know so that we can make contact with them.


Adventure Forest, High Ropes Trip, Monday, 27th November.

We are taking all the students on this outing, partly as a farewell to Monique Balfour who is due to graduate with her Level 3 Certificate at the end of the year, and partly as an end of year outing for the school.  Adventure Forest is an accredited outdoor education provider, and all age groups will be catered for.  Shane Gould, from Blue Light, will be assisting for the day.

Parents are welcome to come, either as participants, or to help with supervision.

Details of the day are;

  • Departing from Living Way at 9.00am, returning by 3.00 pm
  • On arrival [10.30am], all Teachers and Adults supervising will have a short briefing with a safety leader while the group is greeted by Adventure Forest staff.
  • All students need to wear sport shoes, long shorts, tights or trousers, and raincoats if needed. Long hair will have to be tied back.
  • Also on the check-list: water, snacks, insect repellent, camera…
  • Cost:
    • $39 per participating student [includes petrol]
    • $44 per participating adult [non-participating adults $15 for petrol only]

Please complete the reply slip to confirm that your child may participate, and indicate if you would like to come, too.

Reply Slip:  Adventure Forest, High Ropes Trip, Monday, 27th November 

I/we give permission for my/our child[ren] …………………………………………………………….. to attend the Adventure Forest, High Ropes Trip

  • The following adults would like to participate, too: ……………………………….
  • Please charge the cost $………………. to my stationery account
  • I can provide seat-belted transport for ………………… children [including my own].

Signed ……………………………………………..  Name: …………………………………..[Parent].


Plans for 2018

  1. Farewell to Rita [and also to Frikkie and Elani Bosch]…

Next week will be Rita’s last week as our Junior Class teacher.  We also bid a sad farewell to Frikkei and Elani Bosch, and their children, Levi and Lexi, who will at that time be enrolling at Horizon School, Snells Beach [near where they live].

Although we will formally farewell Rita at our end of year prize-giving event, I would like to take this opportunity to publicly acknowledge all that she has done for the school over the last 2 ½ years. Rita has been absolutely committed to the children and the programme here.  In addition to her love for the children in the school, she [and her husband, Danie] have given many hours of work outside of school time to supporting school projects and programmes.

We are very grateful for all that they have given of themselves to Living Way, and we will very much miss having Rita in the school.  We are also grateful that Rita and Danie will continue to serve on our school board next year.

  1. New principal by April 2018…

Last week, all school families received a letter from the Board notifying families that I will be leaving the school in April, at the end of Term 1, 2018, to take up a support role with Home Schooling New Zealand.  The Board is currently in the process of advertising for a replacement to take over my role of principal by Term 2, 2018.

I will continue to support Living Way in any way that I can, both now and after I step down as principal.  At the Board’s request, I am happy to continue to serve on the school board in order to assist with continuity for the school.

  1. We need to grow our school roll…

Meantime, we also need to ensure that we will have enough children enrolled in the school to be viable next year. We hope that our Open Day next week and other advertising will attract more enrolments, but I will also be contacting you over the next week or two to see what your plans are for your children for next year.

  1. Board decisions about next year…

Our next Board meeting will be on 4 December, at which time we will have a clearer picture of the outlook for next year and we will then communicate with school families about our plans for 2018.

Please keep Living Way in your prayers through these times of change, and please support the school in any ways you are able.


Peter Thomas


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