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Dear Parents,

Welcome back to our final term for the year.

This term will be short but busy!  We have our Pet Day and the 25th Anniversary Dance coming up in the first two weeks, the Run 4 Bibles Cross Country competition at Maungaturoto in Week 3, the Inter-school Cricket tournament to organise later in the term, and then some end-of-year events, including a possible trip to the High Ropes course at Whangarei, and our end of year Awards evening on Wednesday, December 13.  Some of these events still need details to be finalised, but they have been marked onto our calendar, meantime.  Please refer to the “Upcoming Events” page on our website for details of these events as the term unfolds.

Living Way opened its doors for the first time on 14 September 1992, 25 years ago!  This month we plan to celebrate with a dance at Port Albert Hall on Saturday 28th [see below for more details].  I hope many of you will come and enjoy the evening with us as we celebrate and thank God for all that He has done for us over the years.  It will be all the better if you are there!

Our theme this term is “God is at work, He wants us to be diligent.”  Topics to be studied this term include gaining an understanding of what the Bible says about work and our attitude to it, a study of the dairy industry [Junior Class] and, for the primary/middle class, a study of early settlers and how they persevered in becoming established in our area, and a science unit on work, forces, and simple machines.  I am very grateful to have Carla Wintle back again this term.  Carla will be taking the unit on the early settlers.  Carla comes from a family of early Wellsford settler folk herself, and is looking forward to researching this topic with our students.

Alongside of our unit studies related to this theme of Diligence, we will be seeking to encourage the children to grow in diligence in their daily schoolwork habits.  Please encourage this character trait in your children with their homework and Home Days work. Schoolwork is a great place to practice this important character trait, but realise this: growing in diligence means persevering when you would rather take the easy way out.  Like physical exercise, if you want to grow stronger in this self-discipline, you have to come up against some resistance and persist.

Reading the previous paragraph makes it sound like rather a dour term but, in fact, we have a lot of interesting and fun activities planned for the term.  The more routine PACE work will, of necessity, have to take a back seat at times if we are to fit in everything we want to achieve, but this is the beauty of having a flexible and individualised programme. It allows us to adapt our programme to take advantage of different learning opportunities as and when they arise.  School is not just about completing PACEs and we want to provide the children with as rich a programme of learning as we can, within the limitations of time and finances that we must work with.   I encourage you to look for ways to get involved in what your child is learning this term in any way you can.  Please remember to pray for our school, that God will work in the hearts and minds of your children as we work together this term.



Important [compulsory] meeting for all school families:

Wednesday, 18 October 7.30pm

Our Board has scheduled this special meeting to discuss the outlook for 2018.  Our school roll has been low this year, and we are considering changes to staffing and fee structure in order to operate within our income.

The Board is currently considering possible scenarios for next year and will present these to parents at this special meeting.  We request that a representative from each family attend, please.


25th Anniversary Dance, Saturday, 28 October

Our dance is coming very soon!  living way dance poster finalI hope many of you are planning to come and enjoy this celebration with us.  We really need some parental help NOW and on the day with some of the preparations, and with help to run the event.  Please let Peter know a.s.a.p. if you can help with any of these things:


Reply slip: 25th Anniversary Dance

Yes, I can help with [highlight/circle items as appropriate]:

  • Sending out invitations to former students and parents of Living Way.
  • Props needed [let Peter know if you can loan us any of these items]:
    • Strings of coloured lights
    • Strings of bunting flags to hang up in the hall
    • Standard lamps
  • Someone to seek sponsorship/donation of prizes from local businesses
  • Helping students with art work to make props/decorations for the dance
  • A set up/decorating team at the hall on Friday afternoon [27th] and/or Sat [28th]
  • Someone to collect tickets and ticket sales money at the door.
  • A photographer for the evening
  • A kitchen overseer to organise the food and drinks for the event
  • Kitchen helpers on the night
  • Security/fire safety officer[s]
  • Clean-up team on Saturday night after the dance


Name: …………………………………………………. Ph: ……………………………….



Pet Day, Friday 27 October 2017

Pet Day is also looming up quickly. A huge thank you to Suzanne Partridge for organising the animals section of the day.

Attached to this notice in our website are all the rules for crafts [and animals – these were sent out earlier].  Please take note of the craft activities because some of these should be completed at home prior to Pet Day.3 Pet Day Rules – crafts 2017 3 Pet Day Rules – Animals

In particular, we are asking each child to make a slice tray as a cooking entry for the Pet Day competition.  These slice trays will then be used to help with the supper at the dance on the Saturday.

On Thursday 26th, the children will be preparing a range of exhibits at school. Home Schooling families are welcome to join in with us for any of the Pet Day events.


Sunhats this term, please.
Please make sure your child has a sunhat at school for this term and next term [i.e. the two summer terms].


Run 4 Bibles, week 3.

We don’t have a date for this competition yet and are awaiting details from Otamatea Christian School, but we are expecting it to happen early in week 3.  Please encourage your child to get sponsorship for this event.  Sponsor forms were given to them last term.


Student Council Tuck Shop every Tuesday.
Our student council will be running a tuck shop on lunchtimes every Tuesday this term.  Funds raised will go to build a school for a poverty stricken village in Nepal.  A lunch order form will be sent home with your child each week.  This needs to be sent in by Monday morning each week along with payment, so that supplies can be purchased in time for Tuesday lunches.

tuck shop menu


Labour Weekend
School will be closed for Labour day on Monday, 23 October.


Local Vocals

The Local Vocals Choir is starting their junior choir up again this term, starting Thursday 19th.  Details attached.

Local Vocals Youth Choir


Tongan Food Day: 

Carla organised a day of cooking lunch, Tongan style, on Dress-up Day at the end of last term.  The children really enjoyed the new cuisine.  The food costs [$3 per child] will be added to your next stationery account.   Here are some photos from the day…

16 Tongan food day (10) 16 Tongan food day (12) 16 Tongan food day (16) 16 Tongan food day (18)

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