The Mysterious World of C. Beebleblox #1

The Mysterious World of C. Beebleblox

Strange noises, sightings, out of focus photographs!

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Have you ever had an encounter with the Loch Ness Monster? Neither have I, but there was a Scott (obviously) who I met recently who did. This is his testimony…

“It was a dark night. I was on the way home from the inn, and it was very cold and wet.

Also, some idiot was playing freaky suspense music in the background. After I had walked about a quarter of a mile down the path by the Loch, I heard a nearby splash. Now I knew that the Loch Ness Monster was only a myth, so I carried on as normal, taking it to be a large fish, or a drunk blundering into the Loch after a late night stag party. But then, right in front of me, looking me in the eye… was… the Monster! It made a lunge and I jumped out of the way. Lucky for me I still have the reflexes of a frightened tom cat, or I would have been mulkied.  Just after I threw myself off the path to escape, I heard more splashes, and when I looked up it was gone. And to this day I still remember the large, reptilian eyes staring at me as if I was a monster treat wearing Harris Tweed.

Of course I could have been mistaken, it was rather dark at the time.”

Fingers MacGrab.

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