If I had to choose an animal

I think I’d choose a moose

You could try to change my mind, although

There wouldn’t be any use

I’m going to move to Canada

As soon as I know how

I’m not staying in New Zealand

I’m not settling for a cow

Moose are just so moose-like

And though no one else agrees

They’d make the perfect house pet

If it wasn’t for the fleas

They’re very pretty animals

Their fur is soft, not coarse

And I don’t see how anyone

Would rather have a horse

Their temperaments are lovely

They’re so wonderfully sweet

Their hardheartedness is softened

By the snowstorms and the sleet

Their antlers rise up tall and proud

But are never used to fight

Because they are Canadian

And, therefore, too polite

All in all, they’re brilliant

Despite the casual bug

And if they get too hard to handle

They’d make a lovely rug

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Bethany Thomas

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  1. Maurie Hooper 19 March 2018 at 9:24 am - Reply

    Bethany – You are so very clever, and your poem made me smile,
    but then I got to the very very end and and laughed for quite a while.
    Moz xo

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