Christmas Drama Production: “The Day Christ Came”

Day Christ came (32) Day Christ came (28) Day Christ came (26) Day Christ came (23) Day Christ came (20) Day Christ came (14) Day Christ came (9)I was delighted and proud of our students as they contributed their Christmas play, “The Day Christ Came,” and carol singing at Tomarata School, the Community Carols Service, and the combined church Christmas service last month.

The play was an adaptation of a Leo Tolstoy story, and told of Martin, a poor Russian cobbler whose wife and children had all died over a period of years, leaving him lonely and bitter towards God.  However, on the night before Christmas Eve he had a dream in which Christ promised to visit him the next day.  Waking the next morning, he spent the day at his work but watching always for his special promised visitor.  Instead, however, he found himself helping out a number of different needy people, and when the end of the day arrived, still there was no sign of the Saviour’s visit.  It was then that Christ revealed to him that by taking in these needy people he had truly been entertaining Christ; “for as much as you did it to the least of these my brethren, you did it unto me….”

The role of Martin was played by Rosie Ferguson, who did a fantastic job at interpreting his character and memorising a huge amount of script.  Other roles were played by Michelle Le Gallais [the Priest], Rowan Gilmore [an old street sweeper], Bethany Thomas [ a homeless young mother], Monique Balfour [an old lady, apple seller], and Daniel Le Gallais [a street urchin].  Lila Ferguson was our prompt.  Each of these students did their roles so well, improving markedly with each performance.  Props and scenery were built by Bob Powell, Dantae Balemi, Jacob Batten, and Daniel Sheat.

Meanwhile, our younger children, Daniel Sheat, Tamsyn Gilmore, Natalie Browne, memorised and recited a poem “The Gift of Christmas.”

The students worked so hard to prepare this presentation, and the actors, the singers, and the props makers all did so well.  It really seemed to me that God blessed the whole production from start to finish.  Thank you so much to those parents who were able to assist us with this project in various ways.  Some photos of our performance at Tomarata School are attached.  If you have any photos from the other events I would be glad to get copies for our files.

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We have loved being part of the Wellsford community, our local church community, and of course, the school community at Living Way.
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  1. Dana Ferguson 2 May 2015 at 9:26 am - Reply

    The drama was so well written and directed. The students did a fantastic job and I am always impressed in how dedicated they become when embarking on their journey of the months of practice with some maybe not overly thinking they want to be involved to, their grabbing it by the horns and totally committing to their role and completely enjoying it. The respect they have and give to one another is a great thing to see through the process as it’s not just about a `Drama’ but about how to work together and overcome any feelings of doubt in themselves. Peter Thomas does a fantastic job in bringing out the best in the students through the arts.
    I am proud to be part of Living Way.
    Dana Ferguson

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